Here is a quick summary of some results in July-

Northern Masters Championships:

Hazel Barker, W60, 3rd in Shot Putt (7.74m), 2nd in Discus (20.72m), 2nd in Hammer (23.33m) and 3rd in Javelin (14.64m).

Tony Bowman, M85, 1st in Shot Putt (5.21m), 1st in Discus (12.47m) and 1st in Javelin (12.30m).

Steve Linsell, 3rd in Shot Putt (9.36m), 1st in Discus (35.95m), 1st in Hammer (36.46m) and 2nd in Javelin (27.78m)

European Masters Games in Tampere, Finland:

Julien Gittens won Gold in the M60 triple jump with 10.72m


100m- Jensina Angelo (12.8s), Oliver Armitage (11.04s and a PB), Gareth Evans (11.26s), Royce Angelo (11.79s).

200m- Jensina Angelo (26.77s), Oliver Armitage (23.28s), Gareth Evans (22.89s) and Royce Angelo (24.14s).

800m Sean Flanagan (2.02.50 and a PB).

1500m- Andrew Smith (3.49.44), Jon Stewart (4.09.83) and Eleanor Curran (4.28.38 and a PB).

3000m- Jason Hall (8.31.41 and a PB), Steph Pennycook (9.45.73), Rachel Friend (9.59.79).