Leeds City Athletic Club, John Charles Centre for Sport, Middleton Grove, Leeds, LS11 5DJ

Code of Conduct

Information for all members (And non-members using the facilities on a club night)

In the interest of Health & Safety, the Club requires that athletes and parents read and comply with the following guidelines for the use of all athletic facilities at the John Charles Centre for Sport.  These are dedicated training facilities and therefore all athletes are instructed to conduct themselves in a proper manner.

Club Training Nights

  • All athletes are required to sign in at the Club desk when they attend a training session on club nights. This is a requirement for Health and Safety regulations and not signing in may cause serious security risks.
  • All athletes are required to pay for the use of the facilities. For members this I linked to membership of the club and is either an annual or monthly payment.  Non-members using the facilities on club nights must pay to Leeds City Athletic Club to use the facilities when signing in by card.  Any non-payers will be asked to leave.  Regular offending non-payers will be refused entry into the facilities and asked to train elsewhere
  • Athletes who arrive before their group coach may wait in the athletic hall providing they do not disturb anyone training.
  • Boisterous behaviour in the athletic hall or reception area will not be tolerated.
  • Footballs, rugby balls etc must notbe taken in to the athletic hall, or to the outdoor track and infield, unless specifically instructed by a coach for use during supervised training.
  • Headphones are NOT permitted in the athletics hall or the outdoor track and infield.
  • Please use lockers for your valuables and turn off mobile phones, iPads, iPods and any other electrical device whilst training.
  • No videoing or photography in the athletics hall or outdoor track and infield without Leeds City Athletic Club permission
  • Athletes must NOT play on, or misuse the high jump or pole vault mats. Do not sit on the high jump or pole vault mats.
  • Maximum spike length is 5mm indoors and 6mm outdoors.
  • Clean footwear only to be worn indoors.
  • Do not enter the indoor facility wearing outdoor spikes or muddy trainers.
  • Spikes shoes must be removed before you leave the athletic hall. Do not walk around corridors/changing rooms/toilets or reception area wearing spikes.
  • Athletes must be supervised by a qualified club coach level 2 and above whilst training.
  • During training, only athletes and coaches are allowed in the athletic hall. Spectators and unsupervised children must keep out for safety reasons.  The only exception being when a coach specifically requests the presence of a parent or guardian (Coach then takes responsibility for that person).
  • Changing rooms and showers are to be left tidy when you have finished.
  • Sports drinks (non-fizzy) only, may be taken in to the athletic hall. Hot drinks or drinks without lids are not permitted.
  • No food to be consumed in the hall. Chewing gum must be disposed of in a bin before entering the hall.
  • Athletes and coaches must not lift heavy equipment. (Coaches may request equipment from the centre staff).
  • When using the outdoor facilities, athletes, coaches and spectators must not walk/run across the track and infield.
  • Spectators wishing to use the stadium stands must walk around the tarmac shoulder of the track.
  • Do not walk or stand in the way of others on the track.
  • Athletes must not enter the equipment storage unit, or remove any equipment from it unless they are accompanied by a qualified club coach level 2 and above. Spectators are not allowed to enter the storage unit under any circumstance.
  • Do not take equipment home.
  • Treat equipment with respect and report any damage to your coach or any club official.
  • All equipment used during training must be returned to the storage unit immediately after the training session and locked away. It is the coach’s responsibility for the safe return of any equipment borrowed.
  • When your training session is over you must leave the athletic hall or the track to make way for the next group.
  • Coaches are responsible for the athletes in their groups and should ensure that all are aware of the above guidelines.
  • The instructions of the Complex Manager and staff are to be followed at all times.
  • The complex manager is authorised to close the facilities for safety or any other reason he/she deems necessary, and to remove or ban any persons who misuse the facilities. If the manager is forced to do this, the General Committee will give their full support in order to protect the interest of the other members.