After the successful launch of annual and monthly payment Training fees 2019/20 season for members using John Charles Stadium (JCS) on Leeds City Training nights, training night fees will continue to be linked to the renewal of your membership for 2020/21 season on one of the following options:

  • Pay your membership fee lump sum along with an annual lump sum for training night subs by bank transfer or card payment.
  • Pay your membership fee lump sum by bank transfer or card payment and your training night subs will continue by monthly standing order.
  • Membership will only be confirmed when a form has been completed and accepted by the club. BANK TRANSFERS SHOULD ONLY BE MADE WHEN THE MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY HAS ACCEPETD THE COMPLETED FORM.

This is effective for all members except those who don’t train at all at the JCS and non-members who attend training at JCS, who will continue to pay ad hoc on the nights they attend by card ONLY.

The cost for ad hoc (by exception only with permission) for members has increased to £4 for seniors and £3 for juniors per night and for all non-members it has increased to £5 per night. Any ad hoc member or non-member will not be allowed to train if they do not pay and they will be suspended ongoing from a training night if they are found to be training without paying.

Monthly payments are due by standing order on the 1st of every month for the full 12 months. The cost of your monthly training night subs fee will depend on your membership status (see below) and have been calculated over a 40 week period (meaning we have allowed 12 weeks of non-training throughout the year (due to holidays, injury, exams, other sports etc).

The costs in the table below are based on the Leeds Lions, Wheelchair racing team and seniors training only once per week (40 training sessions per year) and all others training twice per week (80 training sessions per year) over a 40 week period. Once the training night fees have been set up a member can come as often as they like on a training night (maximum of twice per week over all 52 weeks if they wanted – at no extra cost).

  Monthly payment Annual payment
Leeds Lions £5 per month £50 per annum
U13, U15, U17s £10 per month £100 per annum
U20, unemployed/education and non working adults £10 per month £100 per annum
Wheelchair Racing £5 per month £50 per annum
Seniors £10 per month £100 per annum
LCAC ad hoc members senior by exception only

LCAC ad hoc members   junior by exception only

Ad hoc £4 per night

Ad hoc £3 per night

Ad hoc £4 per night

Ad hoc £3 per night

Non-members Ad hoc £5 per night Ad hoc £5 per night

What if I don’t pay?

If at any time you cancel your standing order, your account will fall into arrears. You will be asked by the club to bring your account balance up to date by no later than the end of that month and set up the standing order for future payments.

If this does not happen by the 1st of the following month, you will be suspended from training at John Charles Stadium on club nights. Each monthly payment missed will be added to your outstanding balance. Once your account balance is brought up to date and a new standing order set up for the 1st of each month, your membership will be reinstated.

If an athlete leaves the club with an account in arrears you will not be allowed to re-join the club without paying the account arrears.

If the member is in genuine financial difficulty, the member needs to contact the treasurer of the club (see email below) immediately to review their circumstances.

What happens now?

  • The new membership forms will be updated 22 February 2020 and emailed out to all members on 22 February 2020 (They will also be available on the website and FB page from 22 February 2020). This will include information telling the member which of the above group they fall into and what their monthly or annual payment will be.
  • The member will need to decide whether they want to pay their training night subs as a lump sum (along with their membership renewal payment by bank transfer or card payment when they submit their forms) or whether they want to pay monthly.
  • Monthly paying members will to continue their monthly standing order on the 1st of every month. Members will need to ensure they pay this amount each month over 12 months, even when they are not training or are on holiday as payments have been calculated using a 40 week period allowing 12 weeks off during the year for injury and holiday.

If you have any questions please email the Leeds City Athletic Club treasurer James Gannon ( He is also available to speak to at the club on most training nights.